What kinds of investments is dyeblox® looking for?

We’re looking for partners in order to expand our operations in the US. Funds will be used for operating expenses, manufacturing and marketing. We also plan to expand our reach by offering private label, a licensing program, expanding direct to consumer, and selling dyeblox® through big box stores.

Why is dyeblox® such a breakthrough product from a hair professional's insider perspective?

There are two main reasons, although others are mentioned below: Time – the hair professional can apply dyeblox®, and it dries in 60 seconds, creating a barrier all along the hairline. At the end of the session, the hair professional peels off dyeblox®, which takes a second to do. The second reason is final result: there’s no dye stain to hide, reduce or remove.

Why is staining of the hairline such a concern?

There are many reasons, which is why we created dyeblox®!

  • Women often come to the hair salon dressed to impress and wearing full makeup, so when they get their hair done, they can leave looking spectacular with perfect hair and makeup. dyeblox® prevents their makeup from being ruined at the shampoo station or by dye stains. This is a very common problem when dyeblox® is not used.
  • Other types of barriers are oily, runny or tacky. Removers, such as alcohol, leave red marks or irritated skin from the required rubbing of the skin at the hairline. Chemical products like hair straighteners dry out and wrinkle the skin, absorbing into the hairline, taking away the makeup.
  • Other barriers get on the hair and prevent the hair from absorbing the hair color. This is a common problem for men and women who have gray hair at their temples. dyeblox® is water soluble, so if it gets on the hair, the dye can still penetrate the hair shaft.
Where is dyeblox® manufactured?

dyeblox® was invented by Yang Soon, hair professional and entrepreneur. The product and the process are fully patented. dyeblox® is manufactured in France by our partner Coiffance International for the European and international markets. For the US market it’s currently manufactured in the US and Mexico.

Does the manufacture of dyeblox® require special processes or materials?

No. dyeblox® is produced using conventional, readily available materials, and manufacturing.

In what sizes and prices is dyeblox® sold?

dyeblox® currently comes in a 1.7 oz ( 48.19 g) tube and retails for $14.99. The tube yields about 24 applications.

What is dyeblox®'s Industrial Classification?

The US Department of Commerce’s Standard Industrial Classification for dyeblox® is SIC 2844.


Sang Yoon began cutting hair in 1989, quickly becoming a highly sought after stylist and colorist with his own salon in Winter Park, FL. After 30 years in the industry, Sangrecognized one of the biggest problems that both professionals and clients faced – stained skin from hair dye. This led to Sang’s revolutionary product invention – dyeblox®. dyeblox® is changing the way we protect our skin and it’s selling around the world. dyeblox ® is just the first of many amazing inventions to come.


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